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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 3, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning, maryland. don scott, marty bass, your first warning weather about traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. hello again at the top of the hour, looking at the full moon in the school. the fact we can see it means that the clouds have broken up. there's still a lot of win and
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water from the rain. tim williams in for marty at the first warning weather center. showing you first warning doppler, the rain up to the northeast but a lot moved through including some thunderstorms overnight. we had a tornado watch through last night, all of that has lift except for a win advisory, our forecast looks like this starting off with the warmest temperatures of the day. in the 60s now and dropping now through the morning. we're going down to an overnight low of the mid-30s and then we see some clearing for tomorrow. we have the complete forecast coming up. thank you. here is meredith marks in traffic control. got big problems in the randalls town area. finding a lot of poles leaning, one pole fell down and that's
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why it is closed and several other poles leaning. they're on route to the scene. trees down at bell field road. green spring avenue at cross country boulevard. green cross you may want to stick with cross road there. the harrisburg expressway is clear and up to speed but it's slick. you'll find 95 looking good as well. thank you. here's what people will be talking about: she's breaking her silence this morning, another one of the jurors in the sheila dixon theft trial is speaking up about the verdict. it appears things could have been worse for the mayor with a felony verdict close to be a reality. >> reporter: good morning. the mayor was found guilty of one of five charges against her and that was a misdemeanor.
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many people of the juror thought she committed a felony. >> i felt she abused her position, and i felt she clearly knew what these cards were for and what they were intended for and chose to use them as she saw fit. >> reporter: up until now she was known as juror number 6, now she's called something else, one of the majority. one of 8 who thought the mayor should have been charged of theft. >> we had some like mountains that wouldn't move. >> some people felt strongly. >> dixon was close to be convicted of felony theft. the mayor is moving forward keeping up her schedule and her humor. >> great you brought out all of the media for this event. i'm impressed.
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>> for the mayor found guilty, many are expressing concerns about moving forward. >> if the evidence proves she was guilty she must pay for the deeds that were incorrect. >> many of the sup forkers are sticking by her. >> whatever options to play them out, she should play them out. >> reporter: the mayor can remain in office until she's sentenced and that wouldn't happen until her appeals are exhausted. we urge you to stay with wjz for more on the story, go to dozens of new charges in connection with the fort hood shooting spree. nidal malik hasan charged with 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder in texas. the new counts are for those wounded in the attack. he's already been charged with
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13 counts of murder. 14-year-old christopher jones beaten to death in may while riding his bike. he entered a plea in the case. george was ordered to the custody of juvenile services and could remain there until he turns 21. a shooting inside the apartments. it happened before 5:00 a.m., the fire department confirms one person was shot and trance property -- transported by ambulance. we're working the story and will bring you more when we get it. >> it's a simple question that set off controversy. are you good without god? the question appears across the area. we have reaction to that message. >> this billboard asks are you
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good without god? >> i don't think anyone can be good without having a part of the god component inside them. >> one does haven't to have god to have good. >> they're in select states across the country. they're already stirring up controversy, the real point is to get the conversation going. >> they may feel they're in a minority and if you're good without god, you're not alone. there's a lot of people like you and we're trying to reach out to them. >> the local chapter consisting of atheists saying being soaking about not -- >> i told my family and i decided to take a more active role and tell other who is are
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afraid to speak up. >> traditional churches take offense. >> the church is a visible presence that says that we need god and what they are saying is they're undermining what church is about. >> they support the billboard and hosting the national speaker this weekend to preach about good without god and how it can play into even a church goer's belief. >> even in a way of being religious that doesn't have god in it and we can have ethical, good live. >> they're not trying to recruit people away from the church. the traditional church says they've been through these before and you survived. >> the stars out and shining
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in l.a. last night. some of the biggest names stepped on to the stage for the nomination show. here's the latest for wjz. >> it was a very, very good night for the black eyed peas they performed their hit song i got a feeling before picking up 6 nominations including album and record of the year. >> the black eyed peas for i have a feeling. >> cool j hosted the show announcing the nominations and giving the music nation center stage. females dominated with beyonce. tailer swift and lady ga ga named in the biggest categories, song, record and
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album of the year. single ladies, poker face, you belong with me, kings of leones use some somebody this is only the second time the grammys have been announced during a prime time special. in the past it was a predawn ceremony with less attention. they honored the lake michael jackson performing the lady in my life. only 7 categories announced during the special out of 100. the 52 grammys will be january
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at the staple center. that male artists didn't do bad. looked like quite a show last night. >> i will say i was kind of channel switching because it was the battle of the concerts, we had ours there and the rockefeller tree lighted. >> with entertainment. >> and now realizing the holiday specials are on, rudolph, they're ever where. you are getting a tug of war with your attention right now. >> i've been searching for the jug band. emmitt. >> i'll look for that. >> i'll see it some time. >> want to draw attention to it, as if you poke fun at a
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relative, alert our friends at the baltimore sun, the internet please, their sight is drawn to my attention, and this is accurate, i've checked on to the site, chillier than expected, the temperature for today on the web site is minus 3200 degrees. it's dry humidity 2 55%. this is currently on the web site. if you are with our media partner, check the site. >> it's like the pancake that says get out. >> we'll have the forecast coming up. >> time to bring in somebody, mike schuh at the bakery. >> it's hot in here, they have
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ovens in the bakery. one of the main sponsors for the 37th christmas parade where we're going to see people like miss yuletide and miss jr. yuletide who practice their wave wave. excellent, we'll come back with more when we continue. boss: so word's gettin' out that geico customers could save even more on their car insurance
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we're left with a wind advisory in garrett county. the high profile vehicles could be blown around a little bit. the saturated ground could cause trees to topple. the advisory effective in garrett county until 10:00. the winds dying down, we're 54 degrees when we started the program an hour or so ago.
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temperatures in the 60s. temperature dropping through the day and end up in the 30s. southwest wind at 6 miles per hour. the barometer reading is rising. 61 on the shore in easton and packs river. 62 in elkton. the winds down in the single digits around the area. still 14 mile-per-hour winds in easton and 13 in oakland. the gusts drop in the 20s area wide up to 30 at time this is morning but now seeing 25 in oakland and one of the stronger gusts. the winds starting to calm down as the system that brought us an inch of rain is moving out of the region. the bigger picture shows we have still that spin but it's kind of raced past the great
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lakes. a development in texas that gets here on saturday. with that, we could see some colder air pulled down. that the same kind of cold air that could be pulled down at times. north and west the potential for a slushy mix saturday, tomorrow we dry out. the temperatures are going to cool down. we're looking at sunset at 4:44. wind from the west at 12-25 knots gusting to 30 on the bay. temperatures coming down from the high of 62. we hit that coming down, but the clouds clearing out and looking for sunshine this afternoon. 34 degrees, mostly sunny with clouds, temperatures getting up to around 50 degrees tomorrow, 40 on saturday with a winter mix. 48 for sunday, monday and tuesday and lows around 30.
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>> thank you. continued rain is having an effect on the rush. here's meredith. >> generals highway a report of a an accident. a pole down westbound liberty shut down between marriottsville road. southbound side re-opened. several poles are leaning. cuba road in cockeysville is closed. wjz traffic brought to you by toyota and your dealer where you can choose from 16 models. toyota, moving forward. >> thank you. it's a warm morning on chestnut street. there's mike. >> michael. >> hi.
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we are -- we're many the bakery, they have had the mayor's parade going through town and one of the cool things is one of the title sponsors here, we have miss jr. yuletide and miss yuletide and we have here the baltimore city teacher of the year. >> nick greer. >> i have a project for you guys, practice your wave. let me see your best parade wave wave. good. let me see your parade smile. excellent. you are so good. you're the teacher of the year for the city of baltimore. this is an honor and going to be in a note and parade like a beauty queen. >> it's an honor. as teachers we work hard and
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happy to represent all of the teachers around the city and i thank the committee and everyone for putting it on. >> is it embarrassing to ride in a convertible. >> it's part of the job. i love it. i think it's going to be fantastic and i think everybody there can warm us up. >> where do you teach, what grade? >> 9th grade biology. hi kids. i think the committee saw we did a few things in the city and wanted us to represent them. >> congratulations. >> i'll be the guy waving at you. >> the guy who runs the parade. the mayor's parade.
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the city doesn't kick in money, it's from the merchants. >> and surrounding areas, always has been, locally-funded and same way this year. >> you have 120 floats. >> 120 units, floats. >> there's a couple who may scare the children away. >> tim williams, ron matz, we have 3 from wjz. >> put miss lynn first. >> we put her first. >> max is behind the horses. >> nice. >> is he walking with a scooper. >> i couldn't do it to a fellow college graduate. one of the famous things they
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do, it's called the chocolate drop, it's never been seen on tv you'll have the whole news room hopped up on sugar. >> doesn't get better than this. you wonder where the holiday pounds come from? you're looking at it. >> december 6th. this sunday, 2:00 p.m. at falls road. >> if you're on the wrong side of the tracks, plan ahead. >> 2:00 sunday, basically through downtown.
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and the mayor's parade. >> the reviewing on 36th street. >> always a lot of fun. >> it's always a good parade. tim behind the horses this year. >> tim, kelly and ron matz will be in the parade. taking a break on this thursday morning and come back.
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we're coming down from the daytime high. started off around 60 degrees and coming down. the winds dying down, looking at clear skies, tomorrow 50 degrees, 36, a chance of rain and some light snow showers north and west of area on saturday but it stays for a short time and goes away. on sunday, monday and tuesday, the return of the sun. overnight lows at or below freezing for the five-day forecast. yet to come on our morning edition. >> more jurors talk about what happened during deliberations in the mayor's trial and how heated things got. >> alleged white house
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crashers get an invite to capitol hill. it's not a social event. that story coming up. >> in traffic control, caves road shut down. the scoop coming up. coming up, actor matt dillon, the new movie called armor opens this weekend. the
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this is wjz tv, and, baltimore. >> good morning, maryland. now, don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala, your first warning weather and traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. hello again at the bottom of the hour, a pretty scene looking east but a lot of wind out this and the rain is causing problems on the way to work. meredith has more. tim williams in the first warning weather center. >> good morning. you no doubt heard rain and the wind. the warmer temperatures this morning going to cool off and
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your forecast shapes up like this. looking at temperatures coming down from the high today of 63 degrees into the 30s but with sunshine and clear skies, the winds subside throughout the afternoon. your complete updated forecast is coming up. thank you. what is wrong on the way to work or school, here's meredith marks. >> you have some delays on the inner loop at edmonton. an accident causing a backup towards 95. southbound at the beltway, one lane taken up. south of 97, an accident has been reported. going to see a backup and rubber neckers on the stretch. liberty shut down on the westbound side, the eastbound side has been re-opened and caves road shut down and that's between green spring avenue with a tree down.
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steer clear. >> thank you. the top of the news this half hour, a third juror speaking up about the verdict in the theft trial saying things could have been worse instead of the misdemeanor verdict. many wanted a felony and close to getting it. wjz complete coverage continues and now live outside of city hall. good morning. >> good morning. as mayor sheila dixon keeps up the schedule, many jurors were pushing for a stronger verdict. not just a misdemeanor but a felony. i felt she abused her position and clearly knew what these cards were forand intented for and she chose to see them as she saw fit. >> reporter: davis was only known as juror number 6, now she's called something elsings one of the majority.
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one of 8 jurors who thought the mayor should have been convicted of felony theft for misusing gift cards intented for the needy. >> some people wouldn't move. >> some people felt strongly. >> sheila dixon was close to be convicted for felony theft. the mayor is moving forward and keeping upper schedule and humor. >> great you brought out the media for this event. i'm impressed. >> with the mayor found guilty, many are expressing concerns about moving forward. >> if it proves she's guilty, she must pay for the deeds that were incorrect. >> many of the supporters are sticking by her. >> whatever resources available to her she should play them out. >> she will not be removed
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until all of the appeals are exhausted. >> we urge you to stay with us for complete coverage of the guilty verdict and beyond. for reaction and more of the story, go to a nine-year-old recovering after some men kicked in his door and opened fire in west baltimore. the three men knocked on the door looking for someone. they stepped inside and opened fire. the boy was shot in the hand. man facing charges in the death of his own brother. it happened in knockville. he shot his brother because he was making too much noise while his brother was trying to sleep. some breaking if not expected news about this industry this morning. comcast just announced a deal to take over part of nbc
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universal. tareq and michaele salahi getting an invitation to capitol hill and it's not making them happy. >> it's one invite they don't want, the party crashers are refusing to testify today before congress. at least one lawmaker threatening to reinvite them with a subpoena. lawmakers want to know how they slip past check points to attend state dinner even though their names were not on the guest list. they insist they were invite. the morning of the dinner, michelle jones e-mailed them saying she would try to get
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invites but doesn't seem likely. she letter left a voice mail she couldn't get tickets. in a statement they say they are cooperated fully with the investigation and nothing further they can do to assist in the protocol. they are not the only ones who won't be at the hearing. the white house refuseing to send the social secretary to testify. >> based on separation of powers, staff don't go to testify in front of congress. >> one person who will be there is secret service director, he admit his agency was at fault for the glint we're taking the secret service at their word, they made the mistake, that's the reason someone got into the white house and looking into making the changes necessary. >> the white house has made one change for invitation only, one staff member will be
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present to help the secret service if questions come up. in washington, whit johnson. eyewitness news. >> we're told in the past, a member of the social office stood along with the agents as guests entered but that was not done at this dinner. bad news for health officials who's hands are filled with handling the swine flu. there's a drug resistant flu and doctors are concerned but emphasize it's not tamiflu, it's the virus. >> any time you throw an antibiotic or antiviral drug at a bacteria or virus, it will learn how to become resistant to the drug. >> the patients have been treated and releaseed.
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turning to sports, the nfl commissioner getting tougher on concussions. any player diagnosed cannot practice or play on a day symptoms are detected. it's part of a push to safeguard players against long- term brain damage. play through everything, there's a brother hood, they don't want to let each other down and sometimes we need to be protected from ourselves. >> former ravens running back expected to announce his retirement soon. speaking of the ravens, you can see the ravens on monday night football here on wjz, the ravens go for their third victory. our live coverage kicks off monday night at 8:00.
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it's going to be cold in green bay. >> guaranty. we were on a program with the doctor from the sports medicine and had the newest football helmets and there are a million little air bags but seems like every week you see someone getting hit in the head with a knee or something, no matter how much framing and protection, these guys at the force they're hitting, they're going down. >> you can hold the head inside, but the brain has room to move around. that's where it comes from. >> we wish lewis well. >> we do. >> going to be cold, warm here now. we started off and came in with 60 degrees. we're dropping, it's now in the 50s. the winds die down for day.
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a comfortable day, just dress for an above-normal day temperature-wise. our five-day forecast coming up. have you seen the trailers or adds for armor? matt dillon is coming up to talk about the action in this flick. stick around for traffic. end -- an update after this.
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complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. we're looking at a very nice day's start. you can see the skies are clear, the horizon brightening and things are calming down. you hear the rain and the wind last night. an inch reported at the airport since yesterday, now pretty much to the northeast and with that system moving out of here and high pressure taking over the forecast, things are coming down nicely. the watches and the warnings still one in the state, that's a wind advisory in garrett county and advicing you of high-
6:46 am
profile vehicles blown around. 54 our temperature at the airport with a win at 6 miles per hour. that's substantially lower than it was when we first started the program. 46 degrees the temperature at oakland. 52 in cumberland and 63 in elkton and easton reporting temperatures in the 60s. the southwest breeze is keeping us mild through the day. calmer winds around maryland. call ahead if you're flying out because of the winds. could cause some delays. as you see, the skies are clearing and while we're watching this system, we'll watch another one in texas
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going to be here by saturday and with that one, we see some moisture moving in and that could prevent a rain-snow mix. nothing to be concerned. small-craft advisory in effect. temperatures dropping through the day. a good bit of sun. lows tonight around 34 degrees. clear and breezy and colder. tomorrow around 50 degrees, mostly sunny conditions. the weather up on the rush. an accident around edmonton avenue taking up the left shoulder. 795 around the beltway, one lane taken out there. finding a pole down blocking westbound liberty around pikeswood drive. the eastbound side getting through and closed between pikes wood and other poles
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leaning. police are watching them. the outer loop approaching harford road on the right side of the screen. that moves way down towards the providence road area and picks up around 795. wjz traffic brought do you by toyota. see your toyota dealer to choose from models to get you through the bad weather. thank you. matt dillon's first acting role was when he was 14 years old. his latest movie is called armored. it's a great story about a heist and the satellite tour provided by sony screen jam. please welcome matt dillon to the morning edition. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you look good for a guy
6:49 am
who's been in the business for so long? >> really. people get banged up in this business? >> half of the people in the news room. >> i look good for a guy up this early in the morning. it's kind of early. >> it's prettierly. >> back in the news room talking about who seen the trailer says it looks fantastic, you want to tell us the story line. >> armored is a heist picture with good character development and in this case, it's a double armored car heist film. we've seen armored car heists, this is a double one. my character is the chief, sort of the central, the guy who is
6:50 am
sort of the master mind behind the score, it's basically two teams of three, two armored cars, two crews taking on $42 million. one of the guys in my crew is a guy who is my god son whose father is my mentor and he's the one guy we have a difficult time bringing on board. in my job, one of the things i have to do is manipulate and con him into coming along on the job and he agrees only have i promise nobody gets hurt. we all know how that ends up. someone gets killed and he wants out and he gets a case of the morals. >> they always do. >> he hides himself in the truck and refuses to get out
6:51 am
and that's when we decide that we need to neutralize him and take him out of the picture. and so i go from being this guy who is this looking after you, i'm going to make sure that the bank doesn't take your house and your home and i'm just constantly working him and by the enlike i care about him, by end i'm ready to set him on fire and take the money and say he died a hero. we had a lot of fun making the film which is usually in my experience of making films, when you have fun doing it, you have fun watching it. that's a good barometer. >> i went along for the ride. >> that's a good barometer of success you think? >> i really do. weapon we -- when we came to the set, we didn't feel like we're coming to a job.
6:52 am
we did our own stunts. everybody was a gamer. you get bang up a little bit, they set me on fire with the fire gel and stuff, you know. there was a lot of driving, a lot of truck stuff. you can imagine chasing two armored trucks, haven't seen that one before. >> you open on friday. next project? >> next project. i did another film that is in the action game it's called takers coming out later in the year or the beginning of next year. >> you have old dogs out right now? >> old dogs is out with john travolta. i come in and do a cameo in that and play like, i thought it was funny, that's why i
6:53 am
wanted to do it because i like those guys and i play a boy scout counselors that takes the job too serious. thank you. we look forward to it, opens friday. >> and old dogs out now and something else in the pipeline, thank you. >> nice talking to you. >> been in the business a long time, he started when he was 14 and 15. >> as did we all. >> we take a break and come back. we have more on the first warning weather. don't go away.
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we have updates from meredith. a forecast going through changes, we've seen 60 degrees and now we're dropping. lows around 34. mostly sunny tomorrow 50 degrees. chance of showers and wintery mix on north and west of the viewing area on saturday. sunshine returns on sunday. lows in the upper 20s to the low 30s. for a look at the roadways, over to meredith marks. the inner loop there's an accident off to the right and it's heavy on the west side. going to find 795 at the beltway an accident and that's
6:57 am
taken up one lane. the pole down leaving the west side side shut down. a tree down on caves road. that part is going to be shut down. green spring avenue is shut down as well. traffic brought to you by radio city. returning to baltimore, the rockettes take the stage december 17th. tickets are now on sale. we're learning more about what went on behind closed doors in the mayor sheila dixon theft trial. most thought she was guilty of felony. but in the end she was given a misdemeanor. a case of a teenager accused of beating a boy to
6:58 am
death. he was ordered into juvenile services. he was attacked while riding his bike. more help creating jobs. the federal government should invest more in infrastructures like bridges and roads. it would employ more people for longer periods of time. stay with us, complete news, weather and traffic ahead. coming up, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff talking about
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